Vdex-40 Embedded Asterisk* IP-PBX

A truly affordable IP-PBX (VoIP telephone system) for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market, the Vdex-40 is an Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliance that will support up to 35 telephones.  For higher reliability, Vdex-40 is a fully embedded system using flash memory, without spinning hard disk drives or noisy fans which are prone to mechanical failure.  It features four built-in FXO ports for direct connection to POTS lines from the CO (phone company) and can support additional lines using SIP trunking.

  • Embedded appliance using flash memory
  • Multiple location connectivity
  • Browser / Web based administration
  • Automated Attendant(s)
  • 4 FXO (telephone) lines built-in
  • Voicemail (18 hours)
  • SIP trunking support (6 provider accounts)
  • Voicemail to E-mail forwarding
  • 35 SIP telephone extensions (same codec)
  • Conferencing (8 participants)
  • Hardware based voice codecs
  • Time-based call routing
  • Hardware based echo cancellation
  • Call statistics
  • Remote extensions
  • Asterisk-based flexibility

Compared to traditional phone systems, Vdex-40 can do so much more than simply receive calls, put callers on hold and transfer.  Standard features include: multiple automated attendants, conference bridges, remote extensions, multi-location bridging, mobile extensions with laptop soft phones and voice mail forwarding to e-mail.  Try asking any non-Asterisk based system to do the same, especially at a small office price!

While the Vdex-40 was designed for the SOHO market, it still maintains the same flexibility and extensibility as other Asterisk based systems, but it offers much more at a much better price: four built-in FXO ports for phone lines, hardware based codecs with G.711, G.723.1, G.726 and G.729a/b, hardware based G.168 echo cancellation and most importantly two different processors for separate handling of call processing from voice processing.

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