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IntroVoice Voice Mail and Auto Attendant

WIN IntroVoice is a feature-rich yet cost effective automated attendant/voicemail system specially designed to meet the needs of the small office/home office user. The WIN IntroVoice gives your organization the ability to communicate, route calls and share information just like larger companies.

While most other small voicemail systems are designed with limited features, WIN decided to take its popular IVP software, with its full feature set, and incorporate those same features into the WIN IntroVoice. Features such as Automated Attendant, Multilingual capability, Voicemail, AMIS and FAX/TDD detection are all included as standard features.

Automated Attendant
The WIN IntroVoice automatically answers incoming calls with greetings recorded by you. These recordings can include single digit access to departments within your company, transferring callers to their specific party or directory information if they are not certain who they are trying to reach.

The WIN IntroVoice enables you to have access to your messages 24 hours a day. Through your individual mailbox you have the ability to deliver, receive and forward messages. Once a message is left, the WIN IntroVoice can notify you of the message by illuminating a message waiting light or send an indication to your pager if you are away from the office.

AMIS Networking
AMIS, Audio Messaging Interchange System, allows voicemail systems such as the WIN IntroVoice the ability to exchange messages between the systems. The WIN IntroVoice, with AMIS, is the ideal voicemail system for a satellite or remote office application. AMIS allows you to leave a message in your local voicemail system and the WIN IntroVoice will send it to the other AMIS compliant system automatically including special handling options such as return receipt and urgent or private delivery.

FAX/TDD Detection
The WIN IntroVoice also has the ability to save an organization money through line pooling of your fax or TDD line through the automated attendant. Instead of having a dedicated fax line, the WIN IntroVoice has the ability to detect fax and TDD tone regardless of the line it originates on and automatically route the call to the fax machine or TDD device. This feature is especially beneficial if you are serving hearing-impaired individuals on a limited basis by giving them access without any additional expenses incurred by you.


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