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IntegraVoice Voice Mail and Auto Attendant

The WIN IntegraVoice is designed for businesses of all sizes and incorporates a comprehensive range of features to address the needs of the simplest to the most sophisticated application. The WIN IntegraVoice is both scalable and upgradable and, with its flexible programming, you can be assured that the system can grow as your company grows and business needs change.

Designed with the user in mind, the WIN IntegraVoice is remarkably easy to learn and use. There are no mailbox numbers to memorize; callers use the first three digits of the recipient's first or last name to leave messages. Voice prompts are efficient and friendly, recorded by members of your own staff. The WIN IntegraVoice comes complete with a flexible voice response capability, as well. It automatically answers and guides callers to the information they need, 24 hours a days. It handles calls simultaneously, records messages and transfers callers to the appropriate extension.

Ease of Use
It is not only easy for callers to use and understand but the WIN IntegraVoice excels in providing the mailbox user with an intuitive interface. Users have the ability to configure and use the mailbox based on their requirements. They can choose how and when to be notified, the order in which they listen to their messages, and to whom they want to distribute or forward messages. They can leave messages with standard, urgent, certified, private and future delivery options as well. The WIN IntegraVoice supports the call record feature that allows a call to be recorded directly in the user's mailbox.

The needs of the organization are addressed by providing multiple company greetings. These greetings can be assigned via time of day and/or day of week. The WIN IntegraVoice can support multiple companies sharing the same system without assigning a specific port. Reports are available to detail the activity of calls, mailboxes or ports.

The Digital Advantage
Unlike other voice mail systems in the marketplace today, the WIN IntegraVoice utilizes a direct digital connection to the system processor. By utilizing this integration, the WlN IntegraVoice integrates and communicates on a level that most other voice mail systems, which rely only on a basic analog port and DTMF tones, are unable to match. By utilizing its real-time data-link integration, the WIN IntegraVoice communicates directly with the call processing CPU of the WIN 36D, DX or 100D to process calls more efficiently and accurately. In many cases, a WIN IntegraVoice configured with 4 ports can provide the same call processing capability as a competitors' 6 port system.

The WIN IntegraVoice is designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards of dependability and reliability of our phone systems. This superior reliability is achieved through a highly dependable hardware and software design that has proven itself over the past 5 years. Both hardware and software is registered to ISO-9OOO standards.

With its unmatched features and capabilities combined with intuitive user interface and reliability, the WIN IntegraVoice is your best choice for Automated Attendant/Voicemail for your business.


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