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In the ever-changing world of telecommunications you can enjoy the most advanced, worry-free communications equipment available. Whether you need to rocket information across the globe or just around the corner, you can count on your WIN Digital Communications system to get it there. WlN's customers know they can count on us to consistently deliver superior products and services to help them succeed in the corporate arena.

Our Global Network of Dealers
No matter where your company and its subsidiaries are located, from country to country or continent to continent, a WIN Dealer is there. WIN's global network of Dealers stretches around the world. This vast resource assures that your company will always receive immediate service and support to get you in touch and keep you in touch with the needs of your customers. This personalized attention has been the cornerstone of our success.

WIN consistently monitors our Dealers to make certain they maintain the highest standards of customer service support before, during and after the sale of a WIN Digital Communications system. At the same time, we recognize that exceptional quality begins with people.

We give our Dealers the ability to use their capabilities to the fullest to satisfy their customers. WIN's continual partnership with our Dealers creates an environment of trust and reliability that you as our customer can depend on.

A History of Product Longevity
Since our establishment in 1982, WIN Communications Corporation has been developing telecommunication systems built to grow with your company. Both our Marathon and Poet series of systems, which we have provided since 1986, are supported on our latest Digital Systems providing investment protection to those users.

WlN's Product Migration Strategy, which was pioneered by WIN in 1987, allows cost effective growth by supporting your telephones and accompanying equipment from our smallest 36 port to our largest 208 port system. In 1993 WIN developed the WIN 36D/100D Digital Series with a fully integrated P.C. based voicemail system. This series allows modular growth from 4 lines and 8 stations to 96 lines and 208 stations. Other voicemail features include Fax-on-Demand, Fax-Mail and Unified Messaging. Additionally, the integrated voice processor is TDD/TTY compatible to meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Innovators in Leading Edge Technology
By creating and rapidly converting technology into products and services, WIN is constantly discovering new ways to make technology more beneficial to our customers. We are continuing our tradition of providing leading edge technology in our series of computer telephony products. The WIN PC Phone, one of our most exciting CTI products, is a state-of-the-art communication and personal management tool. It is the first fully P.C.-integrated multi-line communications device designed to work in full coordination with the WIN 36D/1 00D telephone systems on a Microsoft Windows™ platform.

The WIN PC Phone provides the latest in Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). CTI combines the capabilities of your computer and telephone into a powerful communication network. Through the WIN PC Phone, your desktop computer can now utilize all the features of a modern business telephone, including Caller-lD, database dialing, displays, etc. Through its use of TAPI and DDE integration, WIN PC Phone provides desktop "screenpops" from many of the popular contact managers such as ACT, GOLDMINE, OUTLOOK , TELEMAGIC CONTACTPR0 and MAXIMIZER.

Insight ACD/MIS further advances WIN's leadership position in providing cost-effective CTI applications. Insight is a powerful management tool that provides real-time statistics and reports from call center groups within an organization. Insight also allows for the ability to change the ACD configuration of the WIN 100D in response to the changing requirements of the call center.

Superior Products You Can Count On
Since 1994, WIN's quality assurance system has been registered to ISO-9000. A written set of standards used worldwide, ISO-9000 defines basic elements of a quality system that companies should use to ensure that their products and services meet or exceed customer expectations. A quality assurance system registered to ISO-9000 is designed for a constant commitment of understanding, implementing and maintaining the quality standard. Our entire product line, from the WIN 36D through the WIN 100D, is registered to ISO-9000.

WIN's components are produced in fully automated manufacturing/production facilities utilizing advanced precision surface mounting, soldering and testing, allowing unsurpassed product reliability. Each of WlN's components are tested three times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that WIN's meantime between failures (MTBF) rate exceeds 100,000 hours. This prolonged MTBF for the entire WIN product line assures you that our products and services will consistently perform to your highest standards.

Technology for the 21 Century
By combining WIN's unsurpassed quality, leading edge technology and stable dealer organization, you can be assured that the WIN family of products is your best communications investment choice now and into the 21 Century.


Corporate Mission Statement

As an American-owned and American-managed business, WIN Communications Corporation realizes that the life blood of any business is its telecommunications system.

WIN Communications Corporation understands that the success of our organization is based on providing the highest quality and most reliable telecommunications products available to our customers.

As an organization which is committed to being customer driven, the Associates of WIN Communications Corporation will continue to listen and respond to the needs of our customers.

WIN Communications Corporation is dedicated to establishing and maintaining qualified, professional WIN Marathon Dealers and providing them with superior technical and sales support.

We the Associates of WIN Communications Corporation, are devoted to these premises because we realize that a disappointed customer does not buy twice.



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