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440 CT

It is common knowledge that quick, accurate communications can improve the efficiency and profitability of a business. The WIN 100D is designed for businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive range of features to specifically enhance your business's efficiency and profitability. The WIN 100D is an open platform for communication. It offers unparalleled levels of flexibility and functionality at a price that is affordable.

The Next Generation
The WIN 440CT continues WIN's tradition of investment protection by allowing users of WIN's 24D, 36D, 36DX and 100D, since 1988, the ability to migrate their existing hardware to WIN's Advanced Digital Platform, therefore maintaining their initial investment.  The WIN 440CT is the latest Digital Business Telephone System that utilizes WIN's Advanced Telephone Design.  WIN's ATD incorporates VSLI circuitry, which includes 32 bit Motorola RISC processors, Digital Signal Prcessors, and USB technolgy.

Standard Features
The WIN 440CT is loaded with standard features that are optional on other systems.  The list of features includes Automatic Call Distribution, Automatic Route Selection/Least Cost Routing, 8-party Conference capability, Remote maintenance, Station Message Detail Recording, Tri-color LED's and Whisper Quite Off-hook Voice Announce.

Flexible Configuration
You determine how you want to configure your system in the way that best meets the needs of both your company and your customers. You can begin with a basic system configuration and grow into more advanced features or take advantage of the full functionality available today. As your needs change, simple programming adjustments or hardware and software additions are all that's required to adapt the WIN 100D system to meet them.

Computer Telephony
The "CT" in the 440CT stands for Computer Telephony.  The WIN 440CT incorporates TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA and MVIP interfaces and an Open Application Interface that allows for customized CTI applications.  Optional USB modules allow for Simultaneous Voice and Data IP telephony.  When combined with the WIN 440CT's T-1 or ISDN-PRI interface, you can take advantage of the additions features available for the digital network.

Intelligent Call Processing
The WIN 440CT includes the power of intelligent call processing to collect information about incoming calls, such as DID, DNIS, ANI, and CLID, to route the call and provide the caller's information to small workgroups or individual users. The intelligent call processing capability of the WIN 440CT allows for calls to be routed automatically without requiring the assistance of a receptionist or automated attendant. Combined with the delivery of CLID or ANI, callers experience a higher level of service and efficiency from your organization.

Each step along the way, and for as long as you own your WIN 100D system, you'll feel confident and secure knowing that you're supported by a company with a long standing reputation for reliability and global financial resources second to none. WIN's factory authorized dealer organization provides exceptional support and training and are committed to making certain that you get the best use of all the technology that WIN Communications has available to meet your telecommunications needs both now and in the future.


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